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I bring 20 years of childcare experience that encompasses an age range from newborns through high school aged children. With a special emphasis on offering care for newborns through age five.  Over the years, I’ve worked with many sets of twins and triplets and find my excellent multi-tasking and organizational skills enhance my nannying.  My background includes training as a behavior therapist to children with autism from toddlerhood through school age.  This training has been an essential part of my nanny skill development —the use of reinforcement and shaping behaviors, as well as teaching language, assists me with every interaction I have with children.  Working with children on the autism spectrum taught me the importance of being able to communicate through gestures, pictures and verbal skIlls.

Services & More



  • babysitting
  • date night 
  • sick kid care 
  • full day 
  • weekend 
  • overnights 
  • travel

Also offered:

  • parent coaching for problem behavior
  • nursery and playroom design and organization 

Certifications + Professional Development



  • First Aid 
  • CPR (adult + ped)
  • AED (adult + ped) 
  • INA credential exam

Continuing education: 

  • INA annual conference 
  • NAEYC state conference 
  • Nannypalooza
  • Newborn Care Specialist training (in progress)



“Victoria has been a blessing for my family. She's amazing with my boys. She's reliable, friendly, responsible, trustworthy, punctual and very organized. She comes to my house on date nights or special occasions and I love going out knowing that I got a person like her watching my boys.” —JK

“Tori is excellent! We loved having her here and appreciated her advice and experience. It was hard for me to trust anyone with our premature baby. Tori exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond. We wish her the best in life! Any family that hires her will be pleased with the level of commitment.” —ND

“Tori is very proactive in setting up playdates for the children, finding activities around town, and suggesting classes that they would enjoy. She is also very organized and set up a google calendar to help plan and schedule activities for the children. In addition, Tori is personally invested in the children’s development. She taught our oldest son how to read, and encouraged him to learn to ride his bike. She taught our youngest son to ride a scooter. She encourages both children to be active and takes them on long walks and bike rides. She also feeds them healthy meals and snacks consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables.  In many ways we are just beginning to fully appreciate how Tori makes our lives easier. We are sorry to see her go, but in the fall both of our sons will be in school, and we cannot offer Tori the amount of hours that she requires. In Tori you will find a highly competent, proactive and organized nanny. In addition, you will find a woman who will befriend and engage your children and be personally invested in their growth and development.” —DM

”I initially met Tori at a parent/child music class, then again at my local library's baby/toddler story time. In both settings, she was so engaged with her child and their mutual experience that I assumed she was his mother. For the past six months, my children and I have had the good fortune of a weekly play date with Tori and her youngest boy. She has the perfect temperament for a caregiver of young children. She is patient; kind; attentive; flexible when appropriate; firm when needed. She is able to successfully get things done - breaking up toddler squabbles, managing toy clean up, teaching manners, etc - using encouragement rather than force. I believe she is genuinely concerned with the development and wellbeing of children - those in her charge and beyond. If I had the need for a nanny, I would not hesitate to hire Tori.” —JP

“Tori was our after school child care provider for our 3rd grade son. She was organized and efficient, and did a wonderful job helping with his after school homework. I had great peace of mind knowing he was in competent and caring hands.” —JB

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