Tori Cooks!

About me:

I spent most of my childhood and young adult hood in the kitchen thanks to a mom that stayed home and had a passion for cooking.  My interest in cooking lead me to compete in food compitions thru 4-H and I was successful enough to win in almost every category over the years.  

These days I spend my days off in the kitchen cooking for me and those I love.  I’d describe my tastes in cooking as eclectic—I enjoy food from a wide variety of cuisines and love bold flavors.   I’m a fan of easy meals that have delicious outcomes.   I’ve become an instapot convert and continue to use my slow cookers on a weekly basis.  

I’m hoping to connect with families that are looking for well rounded meals.  Too busy to cook?   Too many other responsibilities keeping you out of the kitchen?  Hate cooking?   Hate food shopping?  Let me help you out!  

Interested in seeing what’s going on in my kitchen?  Come check out my Facebook page!


“Victoria Koenigkramer is a fabulous cook. The food always tasted as great as the picture looked--my husband would say over and over: I just can't believe how good this is. The balance of flavors was what was so remarkable. She saved us in a time where we really needed the extra help with cooking. No matter the type of cookbook I asked for meals from she delivered. She's a pleasure to work with, too.” —Marian N.

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